Our Team

Rabbi Sampson is the founding director of Project Inspire and Jinspire. He was formerly the educational director of Aish UK for 7 years as well as the executive learning director at the Aish Center on the Upper West Side of New York. Rabbi Sampson grew up in North London and still speaks with the Queens English. He learned and taught at Aish HaTorah in the Old City of Jerusalem for 10 years and has authored much of the educational curriculum for Jinspire. Rabbi Sampson resides in Passaic, New Jersey, with his wife Yocheved and son Shmuel.
Managing Director
Yossie joined the Project Inspire Team in 2008. With his organizational skills and dynamic team-building abilities, Yossie manages the staff and day-to-day operations of Project Inspire. He has been instrumental in developing the numerous creative programs of Project Inspire, including the Tisha B'Av Films and the Project Inspire Annual convention. A student and Alumnus of Yeshiva Yadgdil Torah, RJJ Edison NJ and Lakewood's BMG, Yossie lives with his family in Yerushalyim.
RABBI simcha barnett
Director of Jinspire Branches
Rabbi Simcha Barnett attended Dartmouth College, where he played intercollegiate tennis, worked as an investment banker, and received rabbinical ordination in Jerusalem. He is the Director of our Jinspire Branches, overseas our Men's and Women's trips to Israel, and is a featured speaker at many of our inspirational educational events delivered around the country. He's also constantly on the lookout for a really good tennis partner who can keep up with him!
Development Officer
Dovid has been developing Jinspire's growth in scope and programming since 2010. Initiating programs such as "The Series of Inspiration" and "Play to Inspire," Dovid runs year round campaigns and events while maintaining a connection with many of those whose lives have changed through their involvement with Jinspire. Dovid is originally from Toronto and now lives together with his family in Passaic, New Jersey.
Toronto Executive Director
Miriam Leibowitz joined the Project Inspire team in 2018. A dietitian by background, Miriam has a part time nutrition practice and has been instrumental for the past 5 years in managing, recruiting, and fundraising for Team Lifeline Canada, a division of Chai Lifeline Canada. Miriam, along with her husband Eli, has led several JWRP/Jinspire Trips since becoming a city leader 3 years ago as well as participated in a Jinspire couples trip to Israel, Destiny Israel Trip, AISH trip to Poland, and has been involved in planning other inspirational trips to South Africa and Morocco with a focus on Jewish Unity. As well, Miriam and Eli have been involved with three Aish Toronto branches in establishing chavrusah and learning programs for both men and women. Most recently, Miriam started a Toronto Women in Kiruv network with the goal of sharing, liasing and brainstorming kiruv related initiatives and opportunities in Toronto.
Learning Partners Relationship Manager
Danielle has been running and developing the Jinspire One-on-One Learning program since 2012. She has a degree from Temple University in Journalism/Communications and lives in Passaic, New Jersey.
Digital Communications Coordinator
With her creative abilities and passion for marketing, Nechama contributes to Jinspire's development through the innovation of digital communication and social media. She is responsible for implementing the social media strategies and online presence of Jinspire. Nechama graduated from Touro College with a degree in Management/ Marketing.
aliza wallerstein
Jinspire Trip Organizer
As JInspire Trip Organizer, Aliza works closely with the JInspire Division of Project Inspire. Aliza coordinates with the numerous Jinspire volunteers and participants, helping bring over a thousand women on highly subsidized trips to Israel.

Bergen Jewish Journeys Coordinators:

Julie Farkas
Dena Levie

Jinspire Brooklyn Coordinators:

shulamis zakutinsky
Rabbi Zakutinksy plays a leading role in bringing Jinspire's initiatives and efforts to the Brooklyn community. Working with his wife Shulamis, Rabbi Zakutinsky helps facilitate the JInspire Division of Project Inspire. Rabbi Zakutinsky lives with his family in Brooklyn, NY.

Jinspire Jersey Shore Coordinators:

sarah boxer

Jinspire Long Island Coordinators:

shiffy edelman
tziporah kranz
Esti Stahler

Jinspire Manhattan Coordinators:

Cheryl Taub

Jinspire Queens Coordinators:

tova begun
Reena Whitman Kirschenbaum

Jinspire Rockland Coordinators:

edie goldberg
Chaya Gross
Kaila Lasky
Jenny Lazar
Mimi Seif
Mimi Seif
Lisa Weber